Maximum Performance and Comfort for your Horse



Reduced performance, uneven movement and musculoskeletal and back pain can arise from a multitude of causes.

Gudrun Dean (Wallis) is an experienced equine vet who has specialised in sports therapy due to her own competitive background. She provides thorough consultations in an unhurried manner to help you achieve your goals, may these be improved results at your next event or a more relaxed occasional pleasure ride. Gudrun provides a rounded approach to identifying the sources of your horse's discomfort and providing an effective way of allowing return to full fitness and maximum performance. She uses Veterinary assessment, McTimoney manipulation/Chiropractic techniques, Soft tissue release and Acupuncture to help horses work at their best comfortably and at ease. She can offer a holistic approach to your horse's health needs and a veterinary opinion at the same time.



Gudrun Dean (Wallis), MRCVS

MSc Animal Manipulation