Rosie Moss and Carnaval Gem II


Carnaval Gem II is a 6 year old British bred gelding who show jumps successfully at top level. He is being ridden and competed by Rosie Moss who is based at Bluebell Farm, Hampshire and who produces show jumping horses to all levels. Rosie has ridden Carnaval Gem since he was a 4 year old and competed him at the FEI World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses in 2012 and 2013.


Towards the end of last summer Carnaval Gem was becoming increasingly one sided to ride, resisting flexion to the right. He would occasionally strike off disunited when asked for canter on the right rein and he was reticent to work through from behind, resulting in decreased propulsion. 


On examining Carnaval Gem, Gudrun found a subtle rotational and marked tilt misalignment in his pelvis and some misaligned vertebrae in his lumbar and cervical spine. Carnaval Gem had three consecutive McTimoney treatments to which he responded very well, showing an improvement in both degree of pelvic misalignment and numbers of vertebral misalignments with each treatment.


Rosie reports that Gudrun’s work on Carnaval Gem’s back and quarters helped enormously, making him feel more level to ride and more powerful from behind. She indicates that this improvement helped them achieve their exceptionally good result of being placed 16th out of 263 competitors on the first day of the World Breeding Championships at Zangersheide 2013. Carnaval Gem has since also qualified for the Blue Chip Championships  and for the National Foxhunter regional finals for 2014. He will be receiving maintenance treatments according to his requirements and competition schedule to ensure he keeps working at his best comfortably and at ease.


Rosie comments: “I am beginning to understand that alignment is so important to help horses jump to the best of their abilities. Any horses which feel unlevel or are not working as I would like, I will now get checked having had such good results."


Gudrun Dean (Wallis), MRCVS

MSc Animal Manipulation